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7 Effective Marketing Strategies for 2022 (TIPS, TRICKS & TACTICS)

Get FREE access to “The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet” here: In this video I want to share with you a few of the most important marketing strategies, tactics, tips and tricks. But more than that I also want to show you some of the principles and foundational elements behind what makes these things so important. And what can happen to your business and marketing when you finally understand how all this works and fits together! It’s pretty cool stuff! So, let me show you how it’s done. 🚀 And for even more marketing training you can join the “Digital Marketing Academy” here: #marketing #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy ***PS – Whenever you’re ready, here are the 2 best ways I can help you… 1) The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet: 2) Join The “Digital Marketing Academy”: ***Let’s Connect: Website: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:

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16 thoughts on “7 Effective Marketing Strategies for 2022 (TIPS, TRICKS & TACTICS)

  1. I and everyone I know blocks companies that send and Email daily…

    I teach them a lesson by responding to the Email with a customer complaint to to many emails.

    Then as expected they dont care as they are doing MASS marketing-but i don’t block them nor report SPAM.
    And I wait for their next email 📧 and complain again

    As expected they don’t respond ..

    Now I go back to each of the last 3 emails and report one as SPAM second as Phising then 3rd as SPAM- all reported… hahaha

  2. This might not have anything to do with this but every time my son goes door nocking to sell treats 9 out of 10 times people will buy from him. However when I go sell door to door 1 out of 10 times someone will buy from me and that’s if I’m lucky lol 😆 I don’t know why tho 😅😅

  3. Love the content mate! Most people charge for their master mind class to get this information. Even though I’ve heard it before, your delivery and organization of it all helps tremendously. Thank you!

  4. Absolutely, I agree with you.Thanks so much for sharing information. I am a Self- published Author of Children’s Books. Presently I intend to sell Ebooks online but do not know about digital marketing. I love traditional Marketing ! I am creating awareness about Ebooks through LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter handles. I have my Ebooks on Lulu Bookstores for few years but not sold any copies but cos I was unable to drive traffic.

  5. Marketing is the availability of the Right product, at the right place, at the right time fir the right people. Philip Kotler says their 4Ps in .Marketing: Product, Proce,Place,Promotion. This marketing technique has worked for my businesses .

  6. oh we shouldn’t learn this for free😃 but man believe me you are a good assets. thank you for teaching us!

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